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The Gas Tax that FUELED economic theft!

In spite of the economic blow-back brought on by higher gas prices throughout the Union; The Republican-Led Majority City Council voted 14-5 to double the City's Local Option Gas Tax from 6 cents to 12 cents. 

This was done under the excuse it will bring $930 Million for Infrastructure Projects which includes Road, Drainage, & Transit. Also, to sweeten the deal; The Jacksonville Transit Authority(JTA) has boasted the Small Business Enterprise Program to boost small businesses with the gas tax increase. In reality: The City will effectively lose $930 Million in revenue & the small businesses that gets "boosted" from this program, that was born in debt, will remain in debt for a very long time without actually seeing organic growth in profit. 

This is the last thing we need if we wish to see Jacksonville debt free. The more the Council allows the Central Authority from Washington, DC to implement Unconstitutional and Inhumane Mandates, Codes, and Statutes such as this, the more we ALL continue to suffer. Jacksonville's Private Sector within a Free Market such as you & I MUST lead. The way we can do this is to Abolish the Local Gas Tax option so that the $930 Million can go back into the pockets of the people of our beloved Jacksonville.

The doubled gas tax: Issues
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