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On November 12th, Joe Biden has announced that Medicare B's monthly Premiums will rise from what was $148.50 in 2021, to what is now $170.10 according to The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid services(CMS). This is a $22 increase. In pure GOP slapstick fashion; The Biden Administration passes the buck to the rising in drug costs as rationale for the Increasing Premiums.

Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, an American healthcare policy official who is the administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in the Biden administration, has said in a statement that:

“The increase in the Part B premium for 2022 is continued evidence that rising drug costs threaten the affordability and sustainability of the Medicare program. The Biden-Harris Administration is working to make drug prices more affordable and equitable for all Americans, and to advance drug pricing reform through competition, innovation, and transparency,”

This is a blatant lie. For the sake of context; let me quickly illustrate why this is so: Ever since the 1960's, the U.S. Government has banned over 50+ drugs which has accosted the American People $400 Billion for the sake of prohibition. This $400 Billion, instead of going into market innovation in the field of Pharmaceutical Technology, it monopolizes the medical market thus effectively killing that "competition" Mrs. LaSure mentions. Not only that, but you also have cost of militarized law enforcement along with the wrongful imprisonment, or even death, of otherwise productive non-violent members of society. These factors create the building block of an impoverished developed nation. I digress:

The move can also be attributed to a Bill that was passed upon Joe Biden's Inauguration titled the Continuing Appropriations Act, otherwise known as H.R. 8337. Remember this Bill very well, for this was the Bill for where they've decided that instead of making due with funding the retirement obligations as promised, they've decided instead to appropriate those funds to the COVID-19 Lockdowns.

In addition to the $22 Premium Increase, the annual deductible will rise from $203 to $233. Also, Medicare A inpatient deductibles will jump by $72 from $1,484 to $1556 in 2022. Finally, Medicare A daily coinsurance & skilled nursing facility coinsurance will BOTH rise by $9.



On October 13th, 2021; It has been noted by Mark Hinkle, Press Officer of, that Social Security recipients will see an increase in benefits of 5.9%. Unfortunately, the problem is that with almost 15% in overall increase in Medicare Premiums - The highest since 2016 - you will absolutely see NO GAINS so I cant put together why NOW Mr. Hinkle wants to announce such foolishness! Especially considering the fact that with increased premiums and unfunded retirement obligations; The Social Security's Trust Fund is set to be completely depleted by the year 2034. That's 13 years from now.

Now over 2.5% of retirees have been going back to work since October. This is the highest figure since the Pandemic started. With the rising cost of goods, a survey was conducted by the IRI shows that 33% of Americans aged 62-66 have absolutely no money saved for retirement.


As I close: I want to express how tired I am of the GOP & the games being played with OUR money, the money we've worked our whole entire lives for us to feed our families. If we're to see a different outcome for not only our children but for the elders who've sacrificed enough & deserve a comfortable retirement where BETTER retirement opportunities are offered to them; we must vote yours truly, a Libertarian candidate who will bring back the principles of SOUND MONEY into the fold once and for all.

This is Liberty Without Permission.

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