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The inflation rate has risen with the cost of living hitting a 13-year high of 5.4%. In response; the U.S. consumer confidence fell in August to the lowest level since February amid the rising concerns about the rapidly spreading Delta variant of the coronavirus which caused rapid government spending. With the rising of inflation, the spending power of the dollar has decreases while goods and services increase creating what is essentially: A zero-sum gain as it relates to our savings accounts.


“Government “Encouragement” to business is sometimes as much to be feared as government hostility.” -Henry Hazlitt

During the initial lockdown phase a little over a year ago, where the Federal Government, by way of the CARES ACT, which started March 29th 2020, decided to step in the way of the free market deeming what is “Essential or Non-Essential” for the purpose of public health and safety. This CARES ACT incentivized unemployment for approximately $600/monthly after taking away the peoples right to work and take care of their families; which is the ESSENTIAL reason why we have jobs in the 1st place.

This significantly at that time broke the U.S. Treasury in the amount of nearly $5 Trillion dollars from the end of March 21st to the middle of July.

This significantly at that time broke the U.S. Treasury in the amount of nearly $5 Trillion dollars from the end of March 21st to the middle of July.

To make matters worse; Once the furloughing relaxed and the people went back to work for the first time in awhile, we have vaccine mandates as a condition for employment rising up about 90% with sectors including Retail, Software Development, Education, Marketing, Loading and Stocking, etc.

This seems insignificant, but upon further contemplation it becomes clear that it is a disastrous intrusion of personal agency and must be acknowledged as such. This doesn't do anything but harm the labor market as each sector listed above have taken a plunge.

In an article by the California Globe: San Francisco Vaccination Mandate have depleted the return in revenue by $8,000 a night. Businesses were planning on seeing income fall by 20%-30% due to San Francisco’s 78% vaccination rate and the county’s much lower total 12 and up rate through tourism, but the realities have shown to be much worse than anticipated.

Also according to an article from ABC13 Eyewitness News: Chicken, lumber, microchips, gas, steel, metals, & chlorine are hard to come by due to the lockdowns devastating the supply chain.

Why so? Because as mentioned above; when people are paid to not work, the economy stagnates. Wages are increasing to account for the shortage of working hands. Which is why now all of a sudden in Jacksonville, FL, McDonalds has now raised the starting wage to $14.50 just to flip burgers. Amazing.

Food shortages are nothing to scoff at, as farmers around the world are filing for bankruptcy in spite of record-high federal aid. Because as we all know: GOVERNMENT CANNOT STIMULATE THE ECONOMY. The lockdown has pressured prices for many commodities including the ones listed above, squeezing farmers who raise crops and livestock, and prolonging a six-year downturn in the Farm Belt.


This is just the beginning of a series of articles I plan to write detailing the unseen consequences of the lockdowns including mandates of any kind. Not only does this intend to beg the question of efficacy, but to also bring credence to the notion of decentralization of federal or central powers in Jacksonville, Fl.

I am Ronald Tracy Robison For City Council District 8. This is Liberty Without Permission.

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