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In light of inflation reaching 9.1%, the people of Jacksonville - along with the average American - in a span of an alarming 18 months have lost an average of $3,400 in yearly income as the result of high inflation. If you are fortunate to be within a family with both working parents, the decline is STILL steep for there was a $6,800 decline for families. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Consumer Price Index spiked 9.1 percent year-over-year last month, which is the highest level since 1981. E.J. Antoni, a research fellow at the Heritage Foundation, told Fox news that “There are plenty of families that that’s more than their food budget a year,”. He continues with:

“I can’t emphasize enough how much this is really crushing consumers.” He added that inflation is “truly crushing the middle class and then the White House spokesperson says these garbage lines like ‘the economy is in transition,’”. “Transition in the same sense, I suppose, that an iceberg transitioned the Titanic into a submarine.” Economists have pinned the decades-high inflation on Biden’s policies. And on Wednesday, they again targeted the president.

“One year ago this week President Biden’s reckless stimulus checks began flooding the economy, and we are seeing the result: Inflation is raging and getting worse, forcing massive paycuts for American families,” House Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Kevin Brady (R-Texas, Pictured Below) said in a statement Wednesday.

This is in reference to the American Rescue Plan that was signed into law by Biden last year that provided stimulus checks worth up to $1,400. Stimulus checks were also doled out in 2020 following the emergence of COVID-19. Both provisions were heavily supported by Democrat lawmakers, of course.


The American Rescue Plan or otherwise known as the American Jobs Plan is a fluffy word for "Corporate Welfare". In the wake of this so-called "Rescue Plan" there has been countless accounts of fraud, scam, and market failure within the City Of Jacksonville that we ended up paying for in the end. These acts were done under the guise of "Economic Development" that has done nothing but make the economic conditions in the City worse than what they actually were before.

To give you examples of rampant corruption due to this plan, Nate Monroe has covered that in Sept 2021,the Jacksonville City Council has approved a last-minute request to provide $500,000 to a nonprofit with a spotty history run by one of its own members for pandemic-related economic harm.

Also, the fact that Jacksonville attempted to get delay-plagued yard waste collections back on track by using $4 million of federal pandemic recovery money, even though the issue of waste would've been solved by hiring another private waste firm that I've suggested such as "Recyclops"(pictured below) to get the job done. But who can resist free money if the taxpayers are gonna foot the bill?

Or that in Oct 1st 2021, City Council members were given $6.5 Million in Federal Money to give to their respective outside groups! Not because we actually NEEDED them, or that it gave significant contributions to the economy based on the company's purpose, but only because of the CONNECTIONS they have with members of the City Council. This is the very definition of Crony Capitalism. As a small preview, These are some of the groups that were approved to receive $1.9 Million in total and the respective Councilman that approved them. Which one of these are YOUR representative?:

  • I. M. Sulzbacher Center for the Homeless, Inc.$25,000, Aaron Bowman

  • Jacksonville FC, Inc.,$25,000, Aaron Bowman

  • Jacksonville Symphony Association, $25,000, Aaron Bowman

  • Museum of Science and History of Jacksonville, Inc., $25,000, Aaron Bowman

  • Families of Slain Children of Jacksonville, Florida, Inc., $50,000, Al Ferraro

  • M.A.D. D.A.D.S Jacksonville Chapter, $50,000, Al Ferraro

  • Historic Mount Zion of Jacksonville, Inc., $25,000, Brenda Priestly Jackson

  • Kappa Alpha Psi Jacksonville Foundation, Inc., $25,000, Brenda Priestly Jackson

  • Omegas 4 Change/Theta Phi Chapter Omega Lamplighters Program (Omegas 4 Change, Inc.), $25,000, Brenda Priestly Jackson

  • Sheet Metal Workers JATC Fund, $25,000, Brenda Priestly Jackson

  • Jacksonville School for Autism, Inc., $100,000, Danny Becton

  • Don’t Miss A Beat, Inc., $30,000, Garrett Dennis

  • Inspire to Rise, Inc., $40,000, Garrett Dennis

  • R.E.S.T.O.R.E (Rebuilding Ex‐Offenders Successfully Through Opportunities Rehabilitation & Education), Inc., $30,000, Garrett Dennis

  • Artist Connection Theater, Inc., $25,000, Joyce Morgan

  • Soulfitness Studio Health Smoothe and Juice Bar, LLC, $25,000, Joyce Morgan

  • The Arlington Football Association, $25,000, Joyce Morgan

  • United Congregations for Communities & Youth Faith‐Based Development Corporation, $25,000, Joyce Morgan

  • Clean Greens Mart, $25,000, Ju'Coby Pittman

  • H. Trent Elson Underground Sprinkler, Inc., $25,000, Ju'Coby Pittman

  • Holley's Bar‐B‐Que Inc., $25,000.00, Ju' Coby Pittman

  • Shawn D. Delifus Foundation, $25,000, Ju'Coby Pittman

  • Children’s Christmas Party of Jacksonville, $25,000, Kevin Carrico

  • Leadership Jacksonville, Inc., $25,000, Kevin Carrico

  • Walk‐Off Charities of Jax, Inc. $50,000, Kevin Carrico

  • Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office $75,000, LeAnna Cumber

  • West Jacksonville Restoration Center, Inc., $25,000, LeAnna Cumber

  • Jacksonville Area Legal Aid, Inc., $100,000, Matt Carlucci

  • Florida Elite Soccer Academy, Inc., $25,000, Michael Boylan

  • Mandarin Garden Club, $25,000, Michael Boylan

Mind you, I'm not conveying that I want these businesses and establishments to up and fail

out of spite. Quite the opposite is true. Any business within the Free Market that enhances

the lives of the people who vote with their dollar to keep it around is always a plus! What I DO NOT condone is the Government choosing the winners and losers within the respective Economy. The fact is, anytime the Government gives money to a business that hasn't earned the income, the surrounding community that would've been potential patrons have become by default POORER in order to cover the tax that is attached to such a transaction that is outside of the NATURAL business transaction of supply and demand.


In closing, I would also like to highlight that Federal Workers getting raises just for existing is a foolish notion. My reason for saying this is because as mentioned in my previous article, Federal employees are exempt from market forces - which are the customers - that are able to calculate the market value of Federal services and the wages of the employees who've provided said services, especially when they'll be paid no matter what by way of coercive taxation. For example, Superintendent of DCPS Diane Greene who as recently as June 15, 2022; received a hefty $300,000 salary after the school board approved a nearly 10% raise. This raise comes to fruition even though Duval County has more schools identified for extra support than any other district in the Sunshine State, according to a Florida Department of Education Report.

As your Candidate for District 8, I will reverse these Inflationary trends to rejuvenate the purchasing power of our dollar! No other candidate will give you the perspective needed for you to make an informed decision at the polls! Your vote for me is an investment toward financial freedom. This is Liberty Without Permission.

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