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If there's no service. Then there should be no money.

From October 3rd - April 4th; The City of Jacksonville ended Curbside Recycling. The problem with this is that we were STILL obligated to pay the monthly tax dollars for curbside Recycling even though many haven't received the service in months. 

To add insult to injury, At the end of December, more than $142,000 have been spent on just paying overtime for city employees to operate the15 trash sites that were stationed near parks around the city. Most of that is cleanup and maintenance, but over $67,000 in overtime has been paid to firefighters to drive trucks to haul away some of the trash. The City Government failed to do there job right the first time by securing the labor required to perform this task, as a result we suffered. Not only that, but we were forced to pay the city to make our communities to look like utter trash!

This is all a great example of the abuse we're placed under by a City Government that knows we can't seemingly go anywhere else for basic services. However, here's a solution: On my own time, I've found an independent recycling company called "Recyclops" who will gladly come & be of service to us at a much better price. 

What this will do is compel the City Government to do two things. 1. They will give a tax refund of the Recycling we didn't receive. 2. They will have to COMPETE for our faith and good-will.

No company whatsoever, or even any Governing Body for that matter, shall have a Monopoly on ANY service that is owed to the private citizenry who will gladly pay for the right product and service. 

Even better, this is a huge opportunity for employment that'll inspire people of all ages to not only a service to their City, but to themselves, & to their families. Let's End The Monopoly!

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