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Jacksonville has a serious problem with debt

 Because of Jacksonville receiving support from COVID relief grants and other federal programs that prioritized utilizing the Federal Reserve to print money out of thin air causing the money to shrink in value by the day, it has placed the city in worst fiscal shape throughout the onset of the pandemic than it ever was before. Based upon the city’s fiscal year 2020 audited financial report, Jacksonville had a Taxpayer Burden™ of $10,200, earning it a “D” grade from Truth in Accounting.

Jacksonville’s elected officials have repeatedly made financial decisions that left the city with a debt burden of $3 billion. That burden came to $10,200 for every city taxpayer. Jacksonville’s financial problems stem from the taxes placed on the citizens which impoverishes the citizens of Jacksonville. 

Like all other cities, Jacksonville received federal assistance from the CARES Act and other COVID-19 related grants which came with stipulations on how the money could be spent that included the surge in unemployment due to what's "Essential" or "Non-Essential", Medical & Social Discrimination due to the Mandates. Also, the city has not been properly funding its pension and retiree health care promises which places a burden on future taxpayers.

Jacksonville's Debt: Issues
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